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Therapist and Psychiatrist

It’s important that in any IOP, you have a treatment team with experience. You need to be treated by a professional team who understands the deep core of various conditions such as anxiety, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Often times, the symptoms of those disorders aren’t as obvious as some might think. And to the untrained eye, many times these conditions can either go over-looked or even worse…misdiagnosed. Our treatment team here at Millennium IOP has over 30+ years’ experience finding and treating conditions that cause distress in many lives.

Group Therapy

It’s important that the IOP environment is a confidential and comfortable place for you to receive the help you need. Our group therapy sessions are led by a seasoned therapist who understands the needs of individuals from various backgrounds, and with people who may have experienced varying degrees of past trauma. We keep our group sessions small to average sized — enough to maximize effectiveness of treatment, but also considering many individuals prefer a small, intimate, and personal environment. It needs to be a place where people can be vulnerable if they choose to be. And we provide just that.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan in our program is the fuel that drives your progress. Think of it as a blueprint that our clinical staff uses frequently to help you take steps toward reaching your goals. This is a collaborative effort between you and the treatment team. It’s as simple as stating your goals, which is specifically what you want to accomplish while in our IOP. The team takes those goals and puts them into an actionable plan. From there, you’re treatment plan is frequently referenced and your progress is continually monitored until you reach a more stable point to get where you need to be.

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